Election Round-Up - Reproductive Rights Edition

By Rachel Walden — November 5, 2008

Good morning, readers! By now you all know that Barack Obama is our President-Elect. However, a number of specific reproductive health issues were up for a vote in this election – RH Reality Check has great coverage of the fate of anti-choice ballot initiatives in this election (links below).

The stand-out negative of the election? Prop 8 — the California ballot proposition to amend the state’s Constitution to eliminate any rights to same-sex marriage, officially designating marriage as “between a man and woman”  — has passed.  You can find out more here.

The Center for Reproductive Rights has issued a call on “President-Elect Barack Obama to champion women’s reproductive freedom and equality and restore America’s leadership on these issues.” In their letter [PDF], the Center asks for reproductive health policies guided by science, not ideology, judicial appointments that support established rights, and support of reproductive rights and health in foreign assistance programs.

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