Double Dose: Sex Ed via Text Message, Abortion Access, Female Circumcision in Egypt, and More

By Rachel Walden — August 20, 2007

Guest blogger Rachel Walden of Women’s Health News is posting here this week, while Christine is on vacation.

Despite the recent ban, female circumcision continues in Egypt.

A vaccine for some types of breast cancer makes it through the safety phase of research.

Unsafe sex has outstripped IV drug use as the number one cause of new HIV infections in China.

The American Prospect reviews a new book on judicial bypass for minors’ abortions.

Soon-to-announce Presidential candidate Fred Thompson reveals that he would work to overturn Roe v. Wade and push for a constitutional amendment to keep states from being required to recognize gay marriages performed in other states.

BET Networks is hosting a Rap-It-Up Women’s Health Conference tomorrow in Baton Rouge, LA to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention.

Minneapolis paper offers an obituary and profile of home birth advocate Gail Mraz. One New York paper also reports on women opting for home births.

Disturbing new survey data on domestic violence in Uganda – “…seven in 10 women and about 60% of men believe that there are some situations in which a husband is justified when he beats his wife.”

New Planned Parenthood location predictably draws controversy.

A London service offers sexual health advice via text message.

AP story suggests teens may not be properly educated on laws regarding sex, as few sex ed programs address age of consent and other legal issues.

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