Double Dose, Part I: Phill Kline Update; SCHIP and Abstinence Funding; Student Sues Over Rape Kit Refusal

By Christine Cupaiuolo — October 21, 2007

What’s Phill Kline Doing These Days?: The latest, via The New York Times — “A county prosecutor in Kansas who waged a vociferous battle against abortion in his former role as the state’s attorney general filed dozens of felony and misdemeanor charges yesterday against a Planned Parenthood clinic, saying the facility provided illegal late-term abortions, among other crimes.”

Planned Parenthood says the charges are a political attack. “We can’t allow anti-choice politicians to harass and intimidate women or doctors in Kansas,” Peter Brownlie, president of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, said during a news conference. “… No health care provider should be threatened with felony convictions simply because elected officials oppose legal abortion.”

All of which makes Echidne ponder: “Do you think Phill Kline might suffer from an unusual kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder? That would be a gentle explanation for his single-minded stalking of all abortion providers in Kansas.”

Thanks, Democrats!: Amanda Robb, who is writing a book about the abstinence movement, criticizes the “bipartisan compromise” designed to garner support of a bill to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance program.

“To entice Republicans to support the bill, the House of Representatives agreed to increase money for abstinence-only sex education by $28 million, to a total of about $200 million a year,” writes Robb in an op-ed. “By dropping the financing for abstinence-only sex ed, Congress could save enough money to insure 150,000 children a year. And it would also demonstrate much needed resolve to protect all aspects of children’s health.”

Student Sues Over Rape Kit Refusal: “A Howard student is suing the University for negligence and medical malpractice because she said she was raped and denied proper care at GW Hospital because she allegedly appeared intoxicated, according to documents filed in D.C. Superior Court,” reports the GW Hatchett, George Washington University’s student newspaper.

“The plaintiff, a 19-year-old sophomore, also filed suit against the District, Howard University Hospital and several local doctors. The complaint states she was given a date-rape drug at an off-campus party near Howard and was then denied a rape kit at several hospitals – including GW.” Unbelievable story.

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  1. Since it didn’t do any good to increase the abstinence money in SCHIP, we should be urging lawmakers to drop that part of the House SCHIP bill and use the section in the Senate version that funds Comprehensive Sex Education instead. Write your Reps and Senators urge them to do this.

  2. I hope that young lady from Howard wins big. Unfortunately her circumstances for this suit are sad, I hope it is a wake up call to all the hospitals in the United States.

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