Road Trip: Delivering "Our Bodies, Ourselves" and Sex Education Books to Rep. Todd Akin

By Christine Cupaiuolo — August 23, 2012

Why mail the book “Our Bodies, Ourselves” when you can deliver it in person? Yes, a Chicago-to-Missouri road trip to Rep. Todd Akin‘s office begins this afternoon to deliver copies of the newly revised and updated 40th anniversary edition of the landmark book.**

Seriously, who needs accurate women’s health information more than a member of Congress who thinks women can magically ward off pregnancies if their rape was “legitimate”? (So, what amazing feats have you accomplished with your uterus today?)

I’m traveling with the always awesome Anne Elizabeth Moore and a crew of Ladydrawers — Sara Drake, Rachel N. Swanson and Nicole Boyett – who are packing art supplies and snacks, making us pretty much invincible.

Our journey to deliver “Our Bodies, Ourselves” to Akin’s office will kick off at Women & Children First in Chicago, where we’ll scoop up their four remaining copies of the book and combine it with other educational reading material. Then we’ll hit the highway, 55 South to be precise. Wave when we go by!

Our plan is to deliver the books in person Friday morning at Akin’s St. Louis office. Stay tuned for updates from the road, and if you’re not already following us on Facebook or Twitter, start now.

In the meantime, how can you show your support for an educated Congress that believes rape is rape, period, and all women deserve access to basic reproductive health services? Visit and join us!

**Hat tip to St. Louis Post-Dispatch Book Editor Jane Henderson, whose writing inspired this road trip.


8 responses to “Road Trip: Delivering “Our Bodies, Ourselves” and Sex Education Books to Rep. Todd Akin”

  1. Awesome. But you also should stop by to visit Paul Ryan who still thinks some rapes are more “legitimate” than others…

  2. Ah if only I could be there to see the look on his face. I can think of a few others who could use the “help” (*cough* Rick Perry). I do not understand the chic of ignorance so prevalent in the Republican party. It dumbfounds me that any woman would knowingly vote for a man like this.

  3. Oh my!! This is so great! This whole war on reproductive freedoms has really hit home. My wonderful children are 19,21 23 and 24. They are knowledgeable and responsible, and I am amazed that the folks who want to legislate their choices are so much less informed.

    When I was a college kid in the late 70s/early 80s, my copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves was the most borrowed book in the dorm. I sent each of my 3 daughters off to college with a copy.

    Hopefully Mr Akin will take this as an opportunity to learn.

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