Creepy Pageant Promotion

By Christine Cupaiuolo — November 6, 2007

Meet the new class of objectified 6-year-olds, stars of VH1’s “Little Beauties: Ultimate Kiddie Queen Showdown,” a documentary billed as a “light-hearted look into the wonderful world of children’s beauty pageants through the eyes of four, precocious six-year old girls.”

If that isn’t enough to turn your stomach, check out VH1’s list of what viewers will be privy to, including spray tanning sessions and fake teeth fittings. The show has also annoyingly given the girls descriptors, like “the flirt” or “the diva.”

A 6-year-old flirt. Nice.

As Samhita writes, “Please, just stop pornifying, beautifying, and making over our 6 year old girls!!!”

4 responses to “Creepy Pageant Promotion”

  1. I’ve seen it…is there a new edition coming out? Otherwise, it’s an old show. I haven’t been able to see it all the way thru because I get too disgusted. But it’s a train wreck!

    There’s one scene where a girl & her mom talk about “we can’t wait until she gets her boobies!”


  2. That is disgusting. That is also why I love the movie “Little Miss Sunshine” for mocking these ridiculous pageants.

  3. fake teeth makers, not to mention a couple of Pixie Sticks for energy? Geez. And I love that they air-brush the shit out of these six-year old faces. Although I suppose the “real you” has no place in the pageant world.

    I can’t believe this blatant sexualization of children doesn’t have more of a public backlash.

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