Common Sense Health Priorities for the 110th Congress

By Christine Cupaiuolo — January 5, 2007

Planned Parenthood this week launched a campaign to protect access to birth control and to put an end to politically motivated health care policies. Getting the Bush administration to replace Eric Koroack with a “qualified health professional” is central to these efforts.

Keroack was recently put in charge of Title X, the federal program that oversees birth control and family planning funding, but his background hardly endears him for this role: He previously was the medical director for a pregnancy counseling center that opposes contraception. Bush’s decision has been the subject of much discussion and a number of newspaper editorials have questioned Keroack’s appointment.

Planned Parenthood outlined other priorities for the 110th Congress, including: the protection and funding of Title X; expanded access to prevention services through Medicaid; and protecting teens through medically accurate sex education.

“Congress should put prevention first and put Keroack on notice: birth control is basic health care, women should have access to it, and people who oppose it shouldn’t be in charge of the nation’s family planning program,” said PPFA president Cecile Richards. “Americans want health care facts — not Keroack.”

Get the facts on Keroack and sign Planned Parenthood’s petition here.

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