Campaign Asks for Creation of Office of Maternal Health

By Rachel Walden — May 5, 2010

Amnesty International, which recently released a report on maternal health in the United States, is asking supporters to contact Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, to ask for the creation of an Office of Maternal Health to “ensure that the country’s maternal health care crisis is addressed in a comprehensive manner.”

In the provided letter, the organization asks for such an Office to work on the following priorities:

  • gathering comprehensive data on deaths, complications and performance measures along with an effective nationwide review process;
  • ensuring access to timely prenatal care;
  • issuing evidence-based protocols for health care providers to prevent, recognize and respond to the leading complications that cause pregnancy-related deaths;
  • encouraging home visits in the days following childbirth; and
  • vigorous enforcement of federal nondiscrimination laws;
  • recommending the necessary regulatory and legislative changes to ensure that all women receive the quality maternal care necessary to reduce maternal deaths in the United States.

Organizations can also sign onto a letter to be delivered to Secretary Sebelius tomorrow by contacting

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