Calls for Action, Votes and Participation

January 15, 2008

An activism mini round-up

Assault Against Women: Congresswomen Louise Slaughter (D-NY) and Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), and Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX), have drafted a letter (PDF) to the Department of Defense and the State Department about efforts to address sexual assault crimes against government contracted employees. The letter cites Jamie Leigh Jones, who was gang raped by fellow employees and held against her will, and Tracy Barker, who was sexually assaulted by a State Department employee.

Jill at Feministe has more on spreading the word about these efforts, including a note from Slaughter asking readers to contact their members of Congress to encourage them to sign on to the letters.

Sex Ed Videos: You have until Jan. 16 (tomorrow!) to visit and vote on your favorite contender in the Fresh Focus: Sex Ed Digital Video Contest, sponsored by RH Reality Check, Isis, Inc., Advocates for Youth, SIECUS and the National Sexuality Resource Center.

The groups asked people age 15 to 30 years old to create a video about the sexuality education they had (or wished they’d had) or to envision the way they’d like sexuality education to be taught.

“Brutally honest, shockingly perceptive and sometimes hilarious, these videos are a wake-up call from young people of all cultures, ethnicities and gender-identities,” writes Amie Newman, in a post about the contest and finalists.

International Women’s Day: Feminist Peace Network is already sounding the bell for International Women’s Day, scheduled for March 8, and will post related announcements and statements. Send information to

Dreams for Women: Antigone Magazine, a grassroots national magazine that works to encourage young women to get involved in politics in Canada, is launching a Feminist Postcard art project based on your dreams for women.

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