Breast Reconstruction Options: What's Best for You?

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By OBOS — October 16, 2018

Some women decide to forego reconstruction and instead “go flat.” Read more->Women with breast cancer who undergo mastectomies often face difficult decisions about breast reconstruction. The first is whether or not to undergo reconstruction; the second, if reconstruction is chosen, is what kind of reconstruction to have?

Learn more about the risks of breast implants and the need for better research ->Breasts can be rebuilt using implants — either saline or silicone — or they can be rebuilt using autologous tissue, which means tissue from different parts of a woman’s body. Sometimes both techniques are used together. It’s important to find out all you can about your options, as all reconstruction procedure involves some risk.

Dr. Constance Chen is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the use of innovative techniques to optimize medical and aesthetic outcomes for breast reconstruction. In the video below, Dr. Chen and several of her patients discuss their experiences and decision-making process as well as the pros and cons of reconstruction options. 

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3 responses to “Breast Reconstruction Options: What’s Best for You?”

  1. Very informative. Flat and Fabulous is a good resource for those who want to discuss options and share photos; they maintain a private Facebook group.

  2. Such important information that every woman needs know. This film should be in every doctor’s office so everyone truly knows the dangers and options available. A public service to all women!

  3. Excellent interview and novel information. I had no idea about breast flaps only heard of implants. Thank you for this interview. Most helpful!

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