Breast Cancer Action Webinar: Inequities in Breast Cancer

By Rachel Walden — May 25, 2012

Last week, Breast Cancer Action hosted a webinar, Inequities in Breast Cancer: Race and Place Matter, presented by Sahru Keiser of BCA and Irene Yen of UCSF. They discussed disparities in deaths and especially survival 5 years past diagnosis among Black, Latina, Asian and Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, and Native American and Alaska Native women. For example, Keiser noted that Latinas are 20% more likely to die than white women, even when diagnosed at a similar age and cancer stage.

The presenters also discussed how these disparities persist even if the women have equal access to health care. One factor they considered was exposure to toxic chemicals at work at home, for which there are also disparities between races/ethnicities, and access to neighborhoods and communities that promote physical activity, which reduces cancer risk. The presenters wanted participants to understand the role of place in disparities as well as the role of race, and to consider how communities could plan places in a way that reduces those disparities.

If you’d like to view the recording of the webinar, it’s now online.

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