BlogHer Poll to Set Global Health Agenda

By Rachel Walden — August 18, 2007

Guest blogger Rachel Walden of Women’s Health News is posting here this week, while Christine is on vacation.

The women of BlogHer are seeking input on a global health agenda for BlogHers Act, “a year-long initiative in which members of BlogHer, both on BlogHer’s network and in our extended communities, will work to make a measurable improvement in Global Health.” According to their announcement:

BlogHers Act will take a two-pronged approach to improving Global Health:
The members of BlogHer and our extended communities will work together to select a single global health issue on which we want to effect a measurable improvement in the coming year. By measurable, we seek to demonstrate progress on Global Health via key metrics to be determined (e.g., signatures, votes, donations, letters, live births, etc.). We will use an array of online and offline resources, actions and initiatives to deliver and report on this impact.

BlogHers Act also will encourage members who want to create their own, separate campaigns on issues of their choice to do so, and to report back to the BlogHers Act initiative. Wherever possible and notified, the BlogHers Act team will work to include these efforts in the final report of BlogHers Act project results.

An online poll has been created to ask what global health issue should be the focus of these efforts. You may choose from among clean water, girls health, maternal health, school support, training healthcare workers, women’s health and the environment, and women’s mental health. Voting ends at midnight on August 25th.

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