Blogging Disability

By Rachel Walden — May 6, 2009

May 1 was Blogging Against Disablism Day 2009, and nearly 200 people contributed posts that have been rounded up at Diary of a Goldfish. The entries deal with a number of topics of concern to women with disabilities and disability rights advocates, including employment, education, parenting, health care, and sex.

Some of women-specific posts include:

A few of the blogs by and for women on disability:

There’s also a disability blog carnival.

Please feel free to suggestion additional blogs and resources in the comments as well!

2 responses to “Blogging Disability”

  1. Even though this doesn’t apply to Miss Waxie’s case, I will say that I know quite a few infertility bloggers who wished their physician had mentioned to them the effects treatment would have on their future fertility, including several folks who had childhood cancer. I know, even with all my chronic pain syndromes, at one point I never thought I’d want children- and that changed significantly the older I became. And now, of course, the worse my pain gets, the less open I become to going off my pain meds to increase my family size. Parenthood is something that many people have a desire to experience, and whether that means spending more time learning about adoption- because not all of us can realistically go without our needed treatments- and understanding what negative effects treatments could have on our fertility, and what we could do about them, merits knowing.

  2. Thanks for listening me among your links. Until recently, I never really realized how much red-tape I wade through simply based on my sex organs.

    I thought you might be interested in my latest comic: women’s issues, medicine, and surgery collide when failing to produce enough urine for a pregnancy test nearly prevents me from getting a sedative for my eye surgery –

    – Miss Waxie

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