The revision process for the Our Bodies, Ourselves books and OBOS’s digital content involves the participation of well-respected medical professionals and other credentialed advisors who bring a high level of expertise to the review process.

The process is overseen by OBOS’s editorial team, including staff, founders and professional writers and editors. When the Our Bodies, Ourselves book is under revision, the team sends each chapter to approximately 15-20 health/topic experts who closely read the text and identify what needs to be updated, added or deleted, drawing on the latest evidence-based research.

Their input is reviewed and incorporated by the individual(s) responsible for writing the first draft of each chapter. Chapter drafts are then shared with a second set of reviewers who may offer additional feedback and ideas.

If there is disagreement among reviewers, the editorial team works to develop language that everyone can sign off on. Or, if that’s not possible, reviewers are asked to articulate contrasting points of view and the rationales behind them, so readers are fully informed about conflicting viewpoints.

Online health sections are largely based on the book, with new information added regularly. OBOS strives to keep information current and routinely sends sections to health experts for review.

For book chapters and digital content, OBOS also engages nonprofessionals knowledgeable about particular topics, including individuals willing to share their experiences.

Due to this careful, deliberate process, OBOS’s books and website are considered among the most thorough and well-researched women’s health texts available today.